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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join ONE Culture?

We are the only legal platform for people to access cannabis for personal use if they are not able to grow themselves.

What does my membership get me?

You will have access to any and all franchises and clubs affiliated with ONE Culture. You can walk into any ONE Culture franchisee any where in the country and have access to their product.

We have fantastic variety of cannabis grown by only local growers/farmers.

The R50 Membership Fee does not buy you any products. It only gives you access to the ONE Culture franchisees and social clubs. Buying any products from any of the franchisees and clubs will be at an additional cost, depending on your chosen cultivation method.

How are the prices of the products determined?

The grower of a particular brand/seed/plant determines the price.

But I can’t buy cannabis products directly, that’s dealing and illegal?

Yes, that is why we add the fees onto your membership fee and connect you with a grower that can legally grow product for you for private use via ONE Culture, instead of selling the products directly.

What products can I load onto my membership and what can I buy directly?

All THC products has to run through the membership platform.

How long does the growing of my bought seeds take?

Indoor 2-4 months, greenhouse and outdoor 5-8 months.

But what if I want something now and don't want to wait for the "grow time" to finish?

All the products grown and not used/dedicated to members will go into a pool (think of Stokvel). The pool will thus always have product in that you can add to your membership immediately while waiting for your plants to grow.

What if I buy seeds and let them grow but I only want a portion of it but I paid for the full seeds and the growing there of?

You don’t actually pay for a seed per-say. You choose the product you want grown and how much of that product you want after it has matured. Let’s say for example 5 grams. You thus pay for 5 grams and not for a physical seed.

The “left-over” of the batch you selected to have grown goes into a pool that any one can buy from, just as you can buy from other’s “left-over” pools.

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